Sunday, November 30, 2008

i'm thinking overload

i feel a bit bored and no spirit lately. something, ehm many things came out and interrupting my mind. and this is the second time i can't share my problem to anyone. just praying i can live normally just like before a.s.a.p :)

hey, yesterday's jakjazz was so much better than last week's jgtc. i was fed up when i couldn't watch afgan's performance at jgtc, i was forced to take a rest in my friend's car because the hard rain came down. so i was too excited finally i could see afgan in a very close distance (fyi i was in front of the stage lohh). oh yeah some performances also made me so whoa like indra lesmana and dj nino featuring chika asamoto. i really enjoyed it, the people wasn't too crowded and the food was yum yummy. i'll come again next year for sure! and i'm now waiting for the upcoming javajazz hohoho.

AH forgot to tell that i took a picture with kido twentfirst night! he's so arifin putra look alike. haha he is also in the same college as me, two years older. information system loh, waw so cool. meet you at the college sooner or later, mister!

Monday, November 24, 2008

JGTC (jazz goes to campus by FEUI)

jazzier than ever worst than ever
photo taken from kanti

Yesterday I went to jgtc which is the event I’ve been waiting for. Came at 1 to catch twentyfirstnight’s performance. but I was late. Actually I wasn’t well physically so I was a bit giddy there. Rained at 5, all performance was delayed, everybody was hiding from the rain under any where they could find. This year’s jgtc is so bad and a total failure. Because of the heavy rain performances were late, wet, and I was separated with friends. Even I didn’t have the mood when tompi and the groove appear. Except for maliq, I admit they increased my mood by a little, but still in the end of their show rain came down again. And once again, I’m totally wet. sorry to say, this year's jgtc was jazzier than ever worst than ever!

photo's comments
nindy said: kaya lagi nntn dangdutan trus ujan hahahahaah
kanti said: majalengka di goyaaang! uugggh! hauhahaha

Thursday, November 20, 2008


the creautism

let's see. how if 9 persons become 1. just wanna show everyone here, those ppl are my friends in crime HAHAA. creative minded but having some autism syndrome :D


yesterday was the second day of my lovely uts. and today's exam sure will be more lovely than yesterday. kanti told me that our lecturer for this mata kuliah is a bit rasis. arggh, berani-beraninya banget dia ngelakuin something freaky like that! so, i will have bad score for this mata kuliah just because i'm originally indonesian? hmm, crying all night long is the best idea i think, so my eyes bakal bengkak and smaller this morning. hahaha sorry just kidding. but i don't know is it true or not. just praying my lecturer not that kind of person :(

eh ngomong-ngomong tentang game, saya tertular bermain pet society di facebook. it's kinda interesting. boleh dicoba kalo lagi iseng gak ada kerjaan. secara di notebook gw permainan yang ada cuman game house semua. dan dari dulu pengen nginstall the sims tapi entah kenapa selalu gagal dan gagal terus.

oh iyaa, minggu ini akhirnya gw berencana untuk dateng ke jgtc (jazz goes to campus) di UI. sebenernya gw tadinya gak berencana untuk dateng ke jgtc. tapi gara2 gw gak jadi dateng ke jakjazz gara2 telat beli tiket (dengan harga yang murah), satu-satunya cara buat nebusnya ya dateng ke jgtc dan nonton maliq and the essentials! aarrrrgh lale wait for me there, darling! HAHA

Thursday, November 13, 2008

our streaming si now on air!

please read this slowly. take a look at my blog's profile on the right side, i just put a new column. our radio streaming is now on. feel free to listen, request song, or send the message. well, i'd like to describe it once more.

bvoice radio. as it familiar called just by bvoice, is the only radio station on binus university. merupakan radio kampusnya binus university. berlokasi di basement floor kampus anggrek binus, dan terkenal dengan pintu kuningnya yang dipenuhi dengan stiker-stiker dari berbagai elemen di jakarta bahkan di seluruh indonesia. setiap harinya bvoice on air di seantero kampus anggrek binus dari jam 8 pagi sampai jam 8 malam. bvoice punya 5 divisi utama: announcer (sekaligus producer dan reporter), marketing, creative, operational divion dan music director. and for me, being a leader of design bikin saya kalut dan terus berpikir bagaimana cara menjalankan tanggung jawab dan kepercayaan dari sang station manager supaya tidak mengecewakan dia. fuuuh

dan sekarang, setelah sekian lama streaming bvoice mengalami gangguan teknis, akhirnya mulai minggu ini streaming bvoice radio resmi mulai on air lagi di internet. how to listen us, just click on the third column on the right side. bagi yang cuman hobi online malem2 atau untuk orang yang kena gangguan insomnia, streaming radio kita tetep jalan dari jam 9-12 malem (dan bahkan bisa sampe subuh). it's fun for sure!


Friday, November 07, 2008

high tension

oh my gosh, our lovely uts is getting closer and i haven't prepared well. and also i forget to take the exam card. i planned to take it in this week but something was happened and it made me a bit kacau balau. it wasn't a serious thing but i took it seriously and then suddenly i cried. i couldn't share it with my friends even my best friends. desperado and the lucky person who was forced to hear my problem was that guy who's 3 months younger than me (sorry, secret identity hahaa). actually, i'm not that close with him but what i thought at that time is "yes maybe he is the one who will let his shoulder to be cried on hiahaha kepepet). now i'm just hoping he's not telling this little secret to others. fiuuhh.

just read people's personal message on msn, i found out that my juniors experienced their first time ice skating at sky rink mall taman anggrek today. haha it's funny when i remind my first time too. maybe i should tell something first. my radio campus has weekly activity on friday and it called on ice. as crew at radio campus sure we have press id card, and we play ice skating for free by showing this magic id card, but it's free only for friday ya. talking about id card, this year is my turn to design the id card. but i got some slack (or misunderstanding, maybe) with my creative director, so it finally wasn't me who designed the id. now some of id cards have just naek cetak. so tired while rechecking the others and suddenly found out some mistakes there. maybe tomorrow will completely done, i wish..

Sunday, November 02, 2008

girls only

baru-baru ini gw membantu salah satu temen gw untuk bikin frame ulang tahun untuk mantan pacarnya. he did anything for his ex, dan gw sampe kaget banget pas tau apa kado ulang tahun yang udah dia beli buat mantan pacarnya itu. bukannya gimana2, tapi kado itu menurut gw terlalu mewah untuk seorang mantan pacar. yaudahlah gak usah dipermasalahin, toh dia bilang kado itu barang terakhir yang bakal dia kasih ke mantannya itu. terharu saya ada cowok sebaik itu di dunia ini (haha lebay deh gw).

satu lagi, gw mau cerita suatu hal. sejak semester 3 kuliah ini, semangat kuliah gw menyusut drastis. sering bolos (gara2 kesiangan ato males), gak pernah nyatet tugas, gak pernah bawa buku kuliah, udah gitu kelas gw itu gak bisa titip absen gara2 dosennya hafal sama semua anak2 sekelas gw. ditambah lagi ada sekumpulan cewek yang gak gw suka di kelas gw. alesan kenapa gw gak suka sama mereka, karena mereka sering gak ramah sama temen2 gw, gak tau apa masalahnya. sejak itu, gw selalu jutek dan pasang muka gak enak ke mereka. iya, gw gak suka banget sama mereka. yes, i do like this part. udah lama gw gak punya musuh di kelas. luckily, i'm originally indonesian and they're not! sorry ya kalo gw agak rasis begini, tapi ini juga karena mereka duluan yang bersikap gak enak ke gw dan temen2 gw. HUH