Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new term starts today

back to my hell life, hmm i mean my university life
gak ada yang lebih buruk dibandingin dimulainya hari perkuliahan di semester baru. setelah libur selama kurang lebih 2 minggu, i should back to the reality! semester 6 dimulai, dimana jadwal yang semakin padat menyiksa gw lahir dan batin! mamam dah tuh dine. pengen rasanya gw cepet-cepet lulus dan langsung ke jepang tinggal disana! intinya, welcome to the traffic deh, emang bener istilah yang bilang kalo 'orang jakarta itu tua di jalan'.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

made in heaven's bbq

two days after arrived from spore, i'm going for sleep over party at gita's house. this is my fave part: bbq time. she well prepared for everything. and the drink supply in her refrigerator just made us like camel, everytime we got drink and drink. look at the pics, those just makes me hungry (again). -_-

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a boom boom pow trip!

after my two weeks trip to japan on last july, this february i just experienced another one to singapore for a week. actually it was my fourth time in spore, but for this time i got chinese new year celebration when i came, so bad i found out the shops were closed. only a few still opened. then it was my first time stayed at a flat, not at a hotel. next, i'm waiting for another good trip this july. :)