Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new playmate

ta-da! another new old game that i have bought. tamagotchi. it was our childhood most favorite game. brought it to school and playing all day long even in the class haha. now it's the newest version, quite expensive but worth it (for me). i asked gita, fira, kanti, vhero and sarah to buy the same one. hey you guys just swore to me to have your own sooner. if you think i'm a bit childish or seems like masa kecil kurang bahagia, i don't mind. believe it or not my lecturer also have one. once i saw her playing her tama in the class. lecturer yang aneh. then i won't open the case before my other friends buy their own. surely we'll open it together. nanti kita kawinin yah binatang kita lewat infra rednya :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

keep up the good work

before read this, please read my post on november 20 2008 first!

it's crack and now broken. we're forced to break this little community. it's hard for being separated, hiks. AH LEBAY GW. but it makes me sad enough. we were just 3 at the beginning (those days were the hardest for 3 of us), then we got 6 new comers and getting closer day by day. it's (a bit) not fair. we're consists of 9 and if compare with others, it means we're just the littlest community. yey congrats, we're the one and only who disappeared and gone. tinggal nama saja haha. i've been about 1 year and 3 months here anyway. last but not least, still go go go, creautism!

eeh i think i'm wrong. we're absolutely unseparated partners in crime! HAHAHA

Sunday, December 21, 2008

jakarta's night view

well, it was me captured it from 33rd floor bellagio apartment, kuningan. it just one of my favorite things to do, standing on the high place and staring at the night sky. just imagine i'm the owner of the apartment, the city lights shining brightly around you, even you can see it while you're going to sleep. maybe it was my last visit because the owner (my cousin) is gonna move to tebet. huh. i prefer living in an apartment to a house because bebas nyamuk, tau! but earthquake is the worst risk of living there.

other taken pictures outside and inside the room

please, i really dream of living in an apartment! rrrggh

eh eh i'm happy my two weeks meccha holiday is finally coming to town! thanks to christmas day and new year hehehe. i like the decoration of christmas, the red and green colors dominate everywhere. red and green, it's a good color combination for me. but i don't celebrate christmas, actually. then i just wanna say happy christmas to people who celebrate it, including my close friends! simply i'll ask you a question, what kind of present do you get on this year's christmas? hehehe tell me ya later

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

binus has its new cafe & lounge

i heard our cafe lounge on the 8th floor is now open for public. and wow this lounge is a right place to get some relax. hmm i bet i'll miss my class for more and more. hahahaha. fyi, the building is being built and i'm curious for our next new facilities.

i do like the facilities. but binus got the first place for the most terrific traffic! rrrgh.

hey after having some shocked interview therapy i got a new position as an editor in chief (i was coord of design before). i admit it, it was @#$%^* when you were interviewed and your own friends watched over you. rrrrgh again!

Monday, December 08, 2008

private wet party ;p

thanks god, it was sunny and windy! happy happy playing all day long. sayangnya saya tidak berenang, because i'm not good at swimming haha

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

twilight the movie

when this movie released in jkt, i was totally surprised. i just bought the book on sunday, and i haven't finished read the story yet. nadia asked me out to watch it together, then i refused. sorry nad! i'm still reading the book haha. but suddenly i changed my mind.

for god sake, for heaven sake and for anything sake, i couldn't stop staring at rob pattinson. he was damn so cool. mulan jameela mode on "you are the sexiest creature god ever create" haha. mr. vampire please take my soul, and make me yours, ok? i don't mind watching it again and again and again. i give 1000 thumbs up for your movie, mr. pattinson and ms. stewart!

fyi, i just broke up with shia labeouf, now i'm officially available for you, robert pattinson! :)