Thursday, April 28, 2011

i was in misery till i joined one night stand party with maroon5

sorry, not good enough pics :(

just like what dinda said last nite, i really got hardcore eye-gasmic, ear-gasmic, heart-gasmic, even mouth watering and nose bleeding. it was just beacuse adam levine (who else!?). then, sarah added her own mind, "the word SEXY is when a guy can turned girls on ONLY with a plain white tee." i mean, it was adam. how could he easily turned the girls on while only wearing a super plain white tee? gosh, i was standing about twenty meters away from him, but still i felt kinda good vibration in my body. for sure, i really wanna lick his body sweat! i don't care how bad it tastes (suddenly i wanna sing "your salty tattoed skin and how it mixes in with mine...." hahaha omg, it's my wild fantasy), but......oh my god i can't find any most suitable words to describe him anymore. too speechless. i'm wondering, why are people admiring justin bieber while on the other side there is another sexier guy standing on the same earth? i mean, the SEXIEST man alive EVER! (ok, i admit it was an awful mistake. i told he's the sexiest male singer ever on my last post, but after seeing him in person, i suddenly changed my mind. he's absolutely the sexiest man ever)

here's the better pic (taken from giani)

by the way, i really quite satisfied with maroon5's performance last nite (and really love it!) . adam, james, mickey, jesse, matt and pjmorton (the additional player) were a good collaboration. they performed 16 songs in about one hour. it was the most sing-able concert i've ever attended. if someday they're willing to comeback to jakarta again, i swear i 'll buy the festival ticket, not the tribune anymore. though i'm only 150cm and will be surrounded or get mobbed by thousand people, i don't care nothing but can see adam in a closest distance. no kidding. so please you guys just comeback here, i promise i'll be the one who screaming so loud. beacuse i'm your biggest fan since i was 13. that means, 9 years ago.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


adam levine @ airport (detiknews)

omg! maroon5 was just landed at soetta airport this afternoon! i wish i were there, waiting for their arrival. but i couldn't make it. really, i envy with other fans who met in person. and i laughed when adam tweeted "traffic in jakarta is the worst. right?" now, he has spread the bad fact to the world about traffic in jakarta. hahaha. so please, grumbling is no use because this kind of traffic is just like our daily food. jakarta without traffic is not jakarta anymore. well, mr. levine...see you tomorrow night. i'll be the prettiest one at the istora senayan!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

it's a dangerous toxic

always feels like a sex criminal everytime i stare at this pic. but i can't really avoid the fact he's the sexiest man alive, i mean the sexiest male singer ever. i won't say he's the sexiest man alive because i love football players much much better. am i doing sexual harassment? because i keep this pic on my phone, hahaha. then, i can't wait to see you on wednesday, adam levine. xoxo

Friday, April 08, 2011

shocking lecturer ever!

still i've to say "long time no post" again and again every time i'm starting write a new post. really, i don't have much time to write here (but i swear i will write much things today). i'm extremely busy with my graduation thesis, and could only thinking nothing but it. when i wake up every day, the first thing pops in my mind is "oh god, my thesis is still on progress, what should i do today?", i'm so running out of ideas . i put my best effort to do this thesis but still i wanna cry, it's so difficult to bring out a good thesis.

oh, i shouldn't have written about my thesis here. because i'm getting depressed again haha. anyway, i've a good news this week. i got a new lecturer in my campus. he's native lecturer from japan. so, what's special about it? if people read this, i'm pretty sure they'll mumble the same question.

.......jeng jeng jeng....this is the point: i (and my classmates) had a native lecturer before. but, since she went back to japan, few subjects has no lecturer for weeks. and about two or three weeks ago, a new lecturer just arrived here and replaced the old one. yeah i admit it, for his appearance, honestly i'll give 7 or 7,5 out of 10.

soooo, what's so special about this!!!? ok, stop mumbling and here's the answer: i'm now 21 years old and this july i'll turn to 22. but, do you know that my new lecturer is just one year older than me? he's a fresh graduate from master program (in indonesia we call it s2), and he's now only 22. firstly, i thought it was just a cheesy joke, but when i asked my another lecturer, it turned out that the cheesy joke wasn't a cheesy joke anymore. i was born in 1989 and he was born in 1988. when i was 2 years old, he was 3 years old and surely we were still holding a pacifier. now i'm his student and he's my lecturer. even my friends were completely shocked, "i'm now 22 and my lecturer is the same age with me! wait, noooo...i think i'm older than him because i was born in march!", "i was born in 1987 and my lecturer is younger than me. this is a joke, isn't it?" i could only raise my eyebrows after hearing those pathetic comments.

but my some others friend are getting enthusiastic every time the new guy teaching in our class. people should know, in sastra jepang we never saw good looking guys before, but a (very) young japanese guy suddenly appeared among us just like naruto with his jurus 1000 bayangan (or whatever). honestly, i'm not into japanese guy (because i like indonesian and korean guy much much better) but this new lecturer has a good point: the rumor said he's interested in photography and he captures a lot of photos everywhere. unfortunately, for me a guy who's capable in photography is so great and 'wow' because i also love taking photos, i love everything about design, editing photos, drawing or painting, sincerely...i have a passion for art since i was little. simply i just want to know how good his skill in photography! besides, i also really like being photographed then collect my own photos haha (if you take a look at my fb account, the photos just reached over 4000 photos). photo session is my favorite thing ever. fyi, today the new lecturer carried his dslr camera into the class. i think he knows that lately students are talking and gossiping about him (and his photography thingy), so did he purposely bring his camera into the class just to show off? haha just kidding, because he didn't even use it in the class. yeah, i thought he would capture something during the class (absolutely impossible, probably he should stand on his dignity as a lecturer).

ishhhh, back to reality that i'm still facing my thesis. the dosen pembimbing just confirmed us the deadline. it's july 20. oh no, please stop, i just reminded my mind not to remind about this thesis thingy. it's weekend, come on let's have some refreshment!

regards, nadindra wulandari

note: i just hope the new very young lecturer will read this post (but how could?). so he could know everyone's talking about him (though....i'm quite sure he already knew about it).

another note: grr, i think my pride as a student just has gone to the far far away (of shrek?), because a one year older guy just came in to the class as my lecturer. just kidding haha, it's uncommon occurrence. briefly, i only feel a bit strange. it happened just like in teenager movies. but it's ok, i like the way he teaching us. he talks so fast but i could understand easily. gambare, sensei! jakarta itu keraaas. so, hopefully...this semester i'll get good scores. bad scores in a row for this subject *sigh*.

bye, happy weekend people!