Thursday, April 28, 2011

i was in misery till i joined one night stand party with maroon5

sorry, not good enough pics :(

just like what dinda said last nite, i really got hardcore eye-gasmic, ear-gasmic, heart-gasmic, even mouth watering and nose bleeding. it was just beacuse adam levine (who else!?). then, sarah added her own mind, "the word SEXY is when a guy can turned girls on ONLY with a plain white tee." i mean, it was adam. how could he easily turned the girls on while only wearing a super plain white tee? gosh, i was standing about twenty meters away from him, but still i felt kinda good vibration in my body. for sure, i really wanna lick his body sweat! i don't care how bad it tastes (suddenly i wanna sing "your salty tattoed skin and how it mixes in with mine...." hahaha omg, it's my wild fantasy), but......oh my god i can't find any most suitable words to describe him anymore. too speechless. i'm wondering, why are people admiring justin bieber while on the other side there is another sexier guy standing on the same earth? i mean, the SEXIEST man alive EVER! (ok, i admit it was an awful mistake. i told he's the sexiest male singer ever on my last post, but after seeing him in person, i suddenly changed my mind. he's absolutely the sexiest man ever)

here's the better pic (taken from giani)

by the way, i really quite satisfied with maroon5's performance last nite (and really love it!) . adam, james, mickey, jesse, matt and pjmorton (the additional player) were a good collaboration. they performed 16 songs in about one hour. it was the most sing-able concert i've ever attended. if someday they're willing to comeback to jakarta again, i swear i 'll buy the festival ticket, not the tribune anymore. though i'm only 150cm and will be surrounded or get mobbed by thousand people, i don't care nothing but can see adam in a closest distance. no kidding. so please you guys just comeback here, i promise i'll be the one who screaming so loud. beacuse i'm your biggest fan since i was 13. that means, 9 years ago.

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