Monday, March 29, 2010

26 oh 26

one team
one mission
one vision
one future
one for all
all for one
what else can i say?
i love you guys

short term, oh sh*t!

semester pendek, siapa cepat dia dapat
today i was forced to sit in front of my laptop, waiting for "pendaftaran semester pendek".
so bad, no vacation for the next 3 months holiday. stuck in the class.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

pacific place's brightspot market

"Brightspot Market is a unique retail concept that is held several times per year in different locations. The goal of Brightspot is to gather local and international designers, artists and retailers to showcase a range of unique products. We want to support those who are innovative and original by providing them with a chance to present their work to a larger audience."

dan akhirnya gw dateng juga ke brightspot market yang kali ini diadain di pacific place. so many things you'll find here such as nikicio, cotton ink, nikidee, petite cupcakes, danjyo hyoji, KLE, melissa, proklamasi, moozee, the balletcats and many others local or international brand.

those what i've got: one krey shawl, one fringe shawl and one acidwash shawl. so i'm waiting for the next brightspot market!

*maaf ya foto-fotonya jelek, saya mengambil seadanya saja soalnya*

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

unstable weather weeey!

silau meeeeen!
cuaca jakarta lagi gak stabil seperti ababil nih, panas-ujan-panas sangat terik-ujan angin-mendung-berangin-salju-ujan es-badai salju-terik berangin-loh?