Thursday, August 13, 2009

trip to japan with bff

finally i uploaded my summer photos in japan! :)

arrived at narita airport

toll rest area

food stand for festival (seems like in japanese comics hahaha)

near our hotel, dai-ichi hotel

ueda city intersection

ueda station and around (place where we buy food at supermarket!)

japanese folk festival, gion matsuri (carrying mikoshi)

tokyo station

tokyo disneyland front gate

tokyo disneyland main entrance

cinderella castle

goofy's house!

space mountain ride

in front of kameido station

akihabara, tokyo's electronic and anime center

taito game station

intersection at akihabara

takeshita dori - harajuku

shibuya station

media complex Q front

shibuya 109

in front of shibuya 109

in front of shibuya 109

the original pepper lunch

tokyo tower in the evening

temple at ueda castle

nagano district

zenkouji temple

tanabata place

ueda folk festival, wasshoi festival

at onsen (japanese outdoor hot spring)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

is (not) enjoying the holiday

oh my god, long time no post. i have never posted any since last month! yeah, that means i've been so so so busy. hahaha. and it's been a week since i was back from japan. bener-bener trip yang menyenangkan sekali bersama teman-teman! makasih buat mama dan papa yang udah ngasih kado ultah trip ke jnegeri sakura selama 17 hari kemarin! it was very astonishing! foto-fotonya nyusul yaa, soalnya banyak banget ;p

i spent this week at my campus. just for bvoice radio tersayang! yah sekalian sih ketemu sama temen-temen kampus yang udah lama banget gak ketemu. kangen banget-bangetan sama mereka. and that's me. i'm really enjoying this organization activity. being involved in this kind of activity is one of many ways that can easily boost my mood.

anyway, the bomb issue is happening here lately. i was in japan when the bomb were exploded at jw marriott and ritz carlton hotel. but thank god, i hear today the suspect(noordin m top) is not alive anymore! did the police shoot him dead? good job! just let this person die and enjoy the rest in hell!

suasana di akhirat pasti lagi ricuh-ricuhnya, disaat michael jackson lagi nyanyi, mbah surip lagi ngelawak, dan ws rendra lagi baca puisi, eeeh tau-tau noordin m top datang dengan membawa bomb! hahahaha ;p