Monday, November 21, 2011

introduce you our diego michiels

during the 26th sea games, there is one guy whom people can't stop talking about. he's a 21 year old diego michiels, one of indonesian footballers whose mother is dutch and father is indonesian. girls has completely fallen into his charm. they're under his spell. including me. my heart can't stop thumping despite all my efforts to control it hahaha. sounds so wrong. but as i stared at him running on the field, i got my body stiffen. i could possibly holding my breath for more than five minutes right after staring at him. now it sounds so hyperbolic. i wanna meet him, i wanna see him in person, and i wanna send him a bucket of flowers straight away! ok, just be calm because we're standing on the same land, which is make us possibly to meet each other someday. i'm waiting for our first encounter then.

by the way, you has grown up so well, diego. because the last time i saw you, you were still carrying a rucksack on your back, and there was a map inside your rucksack. patiently helped your childhood friend, dora, going through her clueless problems. #wrong #not #that #diego

the very cool haircut

did you girls ever notice him while you were watching the sea games football match? especially for countries whose team against indonesia? and wondering, "oh my god who the hell this good looking guy is....?" because the first time i saw him on tv, which i was at food court of a shopping place, i did notice him! though the distance from the tv was about 15 meters away!

besides diego, i'm so proud of our U-23 garuda squad! andik, okto, egi, patrich, tibo, abdurrahman, meiga, ferdinand, gunawan, dirga, and kipuw. especially okto-tibo-patrich, our lovely papua trio! i love you all guys, till death! i wanna meet all of you soon :*

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